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NCAA Eligibility Center

Big Future
Use Big Future, from College Board, to help make important educational and career decisions. Note: If you need assistance with your User ID and password, see your guidance counselor. is a college search engine designed to be the most user-friendly website available to prospective college students involved in the college search process.
Your source for virtual college tours, web cams, campus maps, college videos, movies and pictures.
You can look up information on College Planning, Taking the SAT, Finding the Right College, How to Get Into College and Paying for College.
This website provides comprehensive advice about why to go, how to go and how to pay for college and other post-secondary educational programs.

Your Career, College and Financial Aid Solution.

College Navigator
Find the right college for you. Refine your search and build a list of “favorites” for side-by-side comparisons. Pinpoint school locations, export your search results into a spreadsheet and save your session for future use.

National Association for College Admission Counseling
Check out when the National Fair is coming to town. Also take part in their “On-Line College Fair.”

The Princeton Review
Everything you really need for your college search. This site covers college search, scholarships, filling out financial forms, career search and much more!


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